I've been a patient here since I was a little girl. In fact, my whole family comes here. :)

I'm a little embarrassed to share this to the public, but I haven't been back here in years due to moving and insurance change. Anyway, long story short .... 

I made an appt for check up and cleaning. I spoke to dr Larisa on the phone and to my surprise, she still remembers me!!!! Ahhhhhh I felt so special lol :) so I gave her my new insurance info, made the appt etc., Fast forward to today. 

My appt was for 11:30, I arrived at 11:20 in case I needed to fill out new paperwork. 

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist. We chit chatted a little about our work, patients (I also work in the medical field) and overall she was very pleasant to talk to. 

10mins later I was called back and sat in the dentist chair. Not shortly afterwards, dr Larisa greeted me. She explained what I needed .. X rays.. Cleaning etc and 2 mins later the x ray tech showed up. She explained the procedure to me and was very patient. I usually get pretty nervous and gag easily but she put my mind at ease. 

Then it was time for my cleaning. Quick and painless. I almost feel like a fool for psyching myself out so much! 

Unlike most doctors or dentists, Dr Larisa  didn't just rely on their techs or medical assistants to walk out patients and explain the after care... And this is why I love this dental group so much. They treat everyone like family. :)

Dhea S.

Winnetka, CA

Fabulous, friendly, good bedside manner, top knotch cleaning, no gimmicks or bs to up sell you.  I have been with them since 1996!  As a student at CSUN I started going to see them due to an ad they placed in the student paper.  Then after I graduated and moved away I tried in vein to find a competent dentist that wouldn't try to upsell me on kinds of 'other' work.  I actually had a highly recommended Glendale dentist tell me back in 1998 I needed 30k worth of periodontal work due to pockets, as well as the woman in the room behind me.  

So the next week I made an appt. with Dr. Nick and he set me straight I didn't need any special surgery or anything else other than my regular cleaning and flossing.  So now, its 2013 almost 2014, and no gum surgery has been needed and my gums looks fine.

For me its a long, LONG drive to see them now, but its more than worth it for the a.) great cleaning, b.) competency level and c.) no unnecessary up sells.

Joe D.

Glendale, CA

Deep inside the historically absurd "Victorian" office building in Winnetka, CA rests the greatest dental office in the Valley. Victorian Dental has the best prices in town with very good service.

Dr. Nick cracks jokes, he's affordable, and he gives you financial tips if you get referred to an oral surgeon (e.g., "ask for local anesthetic, you don't need general"). 

Thanks for the cleaning, Dr. Nick. My teeth are so shiny now and my gums are as tidy and rubbery as a racquetball.

Steve W.

Winnetka, CA

Great service! Awesome prices (I am currently out on dental insurance) and a friendly staff!

Dr. Nikolaos quickly saw what was going on with my teeth and fixed what he could while suggesting another trip back to fill a cavity that was hiding away. 

Very thankful to of found this place, and its right across the street!

Ian S.

Los Angeles, CA

Great dentist that really took the time to examine my teeth and come up with a dental plan to get the work that I need done.

The only reason why I'm not giving a 5 of 5 is that though the initial work was good priced, I feel that the future work was priced a little higher.

Sure to be well worth it, and I will come back and update.

Robert T.

Amherst, NH

I have been with Victorian Dental for few years now, Dr. Nick has been a wonderful dentist for me. Great employees and facility..I never have to wait for doctor always has been come and go.

Michael K.

Los Angeles, CA

I have to agree with everyone else.  I saw Dr. Nik in an emergency situation.  No one is more neurotic in every way about teeth and dentists than I am.  He instantly put me at ease, assessed the situation,  gave me very practical financial advice, and made an emergency appointment for me with an oral surgeon.  Everyone there could not have been more gracious. After this experience, I will absolutely return to them again.

Dancingstarr C.


I had no idea how utterly dreadful all my previous dentists were until I came to see Dr Nik. He's a total legend, with a fantastic sense of humor. And boy, does he know his stuff. He's convincing too in a lovely way, none of this doom, gloom, fear factor stuff. He got me flossing with a smile on my face every day now. As a new mom, I can't wait for my little one to grow some teeth, just so he can go to this guy. He's brilliant. Can't recommend enough. And his staff are all total sweethearts.

Alex H.

Santa Monica, CA

the best dental office!!!! lovely people, always happy, always making jokes, and very carring!
dr. nick and dr. larisa are the best!!! i have been going to victorian dental for more than 10 years now, never had pain, always fixed the problem, they are open on saturdays, which is perfect for me.  bottom line, bravo victorian dental!!! 

Claudia S.

Los Angeles, CA

The BEST!!!! Dr. Nic has best bedside manner ever!

Sweetie P.

Milwaukee, WI

Great office.
Very friendly and very affordable.

Hands down the best dentist in the Valley

Adam T.

Tarzana, CA

Dr victorian is the best with kids  my son loves going to her :-)

Tatiana C.


After getting ripped off by my previous dentist I started going to Victorian Dental. Their staff is excellent, they work with you insurance, have Saturday appointments, and overall are amazing dentists. I moved to San Diego but keep them as my dentist because they are so amazing!

R L.

San Diego, CA

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